Playing the changesTracking Darius Brubeck

a documentary in post production


Playing the Changes is a documentary about the life of jazz pianist Darius Brubeck (born in 1947), the eldest son of legendary jazz musician Dave Brubeck. People quite often see him as 'the son of’ but he has used this distinction with idealism. This story examines why and how jazz had a transformative role in different types of societies such as Poland and South Africa and tracks Darius Brubeck’s involvement in both.

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Executive Producer David E. Richardson

David E. Richardson, Jr.

Executive Producer David E. Richardson, Jr. received his love and passion for Jazz from his parents during their travels around the world. He spent a year in Siberia, Russia teaching conversational English in 2002 and became acquainted with many Russian Jazz artists.


Michiel ten Kleij

Next to Playing the Changes, Michiel is currently in post-production with another jazz documentary focussed on the life of Innokenty Ivanov. Ivanov is a Ukrainian jazz vibraphonist living and working in Russia. Explaining that having this career is tough in Russia, he sincerely doesn’t want his child to become a musician.

Doxy Films Amsterdam

Doxy Films

Amsterdam-based film production company DOXY lays emphasis on producing films of all manifestations – from a homeless opera and the more ‘traditional’ documentary, to music film, movie and (drama) series.


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